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Know the difference

Learn about the different services that we provide and the benefits.

VS Bikini

What's the difference?  

The answer most people want to know! The major difference between a Brazilian Wax  and a Bikini Wax is the butt strip, the brazilian wax includes the butt strip and a bikini wax does not.


Do you have to remove all of the hair?

No, our services are built for comfort, you always have the option to leave a strip, triangle or remove it all.


Eyebrow Wax

I want a specific look can I achieve it?  

Eyebrow shapes are obtainable by the shape of your natural brow and natural face shape. Although many people have a desired brow shape in mind often it may or may not be possible. 


I have two different brow shapes, now what?

Always keep in mind that although your brows are sisters, they are not identical twins. As brow experts our goal is to make your brows appear the same but sometimes it's not 100% achievable, however, we do our best to get to them as close to perfect as possible. 

Stomach, Chest, Butt, What?!

How do I know if I need to book for a stomach strip, chest strip or butt strip?  

If you only have hair on the inner portions of your stomach, chest or butt these services are perfect for you. 

  • A stomach strip will include removing hair beneath the belly button towards the bikini

  • A chest strip  will include removing hair from the center of the chest

  • A butt strip  will include removing hair from in between the cheeks

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